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The first thing that comes to mind when choosing someone for any type of service is this, “why choose this guy or that guy?”


The answer to that question here is simple

1. Open Scheduling!


    We understand the life of a working class family and we strive to help in any way we can, for that reason, at this time, we offer 7 day a week scheduling!!!!

    We do not charge extra fees for late afternoon, night, or sat/sun appointments!

2. Lower cost than our competetors!


    We work to make our living, but understand that you do as well, in order for us to be successful as a family company we realize the cost must be affordable in order to keep your carpets clean and healthy.


We currently clean for $35 per room with a $100 minimum


Special stains, hallways, furniture, and rugs, can be discussed with Greg over the phone.


3. Our Machine!


In our van we sport a Hydramaster Titan 875 with a huge blower and powered by its own GM Vortec engine.  We have the raw power to be able to easily remove the toughest grease and grime while having the available settings to handle the most delicate of rugs.