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At this time we are offering 24/7 open scheduling with no extra fees added!

yes, that means afternoon, night, and sat/sun appointments do not cost extra!


Basic cleaning costs for residential homes are as follows:


I reserve the right to change prices at will.


Special stains, hallways, furniture, and rugs, can be discussed with Greg over the phone or on site at the time of the appointment.


The Process


1. The Walkthrough


    We will do a complete walkthrough with you to fully inspect the carpet job as a whole and discuss any concerns or problem areas you have, as well as what furniture (if any) you want moved.

2. Pre-Spray


    Once the job is outlined we use top of the line, Made In America, products to seperate the dirts and oils from the fibers in your carpet. We agitate the carper pile using a rake or a CRB machine.

3. Steam Clean (Rinse)


    After the pre-spray has done its job (about 15 minutes after application) we use water at 230 degrees F to rinse away the dirts and oils while extracting the waste with the unmatchable power of our Titan 875  truckmount..